Sunday, 1 June 2014

PADI IDC Gili Trawangan | “Elite Platinum PADI Course Director” | “Outstanding PADI Career Development Center” | IDC Gili Islands

If you’re looking to become a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor it’s important to get the right training. So why not train with the best.

Last year our PADI Instructor Development Course was given recognition as the best PADI IDC Program in Indonesia and was awarded for its “Outstanding Contribution to Instructor Development” and since then has become a popular choice for those who are serious about their professional PADI career. Our PADI Course Director was also re-classified as a Platinum rated PADI Course Director which is awarded to PADI Course Directors who demonstrated an extreme commitment to instructor training and professionalism.

This year our Platinum PADI Course Director has once again been awarded a new rating of “Elite PADI Platinum Course Director”. This is awarded for her commitment in certifying well over 150 instructor level training courses in 2013 demonstrating both commitment and experience.

This is why Trawangan Dive is the first choice when it comes to PADI Instructor Training. The PADIIDC Gili Islands Elite Program runs once a month and prepares students to not only excel in their PADI Instructor Examination, but to go on an gain successful and rewarding careers within the industry. As well as providing the PADI Instructor Development Course we also run the full range of PADI continuing education Instructor level training courses and a range of IDC Gili Islands Career Training options for those interest in pursuing a specific area.

Our Instructor Development Program runs once a month here in Gili Trawangan and is entirely conducted by our Platinum PADI Course Director. The course runs on an 11 day schedule which includes the 4 day pre-IDC preparation workshops. For more information on our Program check out our IDC Gili Islands Information Pack (PDF) or contact our Platinum PADI Course Director Directly on

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